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  Screens to Protect Filters Are Not Shown



  • No compressed air required and no messy filters to remove for cleaning.
  • The collected dust flows down inside the highly efficient filter bags and settles into removable waste trays below. This down flow principal is the first stage of cleaning the filter bags.
  • Manual lever operated mechanism does final cleaning of filter bags.
  • Less moving parts to replace or repair.
  • Quiet operation (under 75 db).
  • Available in 1 or 3 phase electrics.
  • Motors are high-efficiency, TEFC.
  • Removable top is made from MDF wood, slotted with a CNC router.
  • Large access doors to remove waste trays and access motor.
  • Curved fan blades provide strength and increase suction capacity.
  • Adjustable levelers for uneven floors.
  • Filter bags snap into place easily from the exterior of the unit.
  • All systems include a magnetic motor starter.
  • Large range of sizes to choose from.
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